Night with nadia

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Night with nadia

The night began just like any other Nadia and i had the house real forced anal against her will to ourselves , we had a few drinks and the subject of nudity came up as we chatted about being naked we decided that we would strip off together nadia stood up and slowly undid her top and removed it then unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down and off wearing only her sexy bra and g-string panties mmmmm so sexy.

I stood up and removed my top and shorts and so that i was completely naked , she said that she loved my fully shaven cock and she moved over closer to me and reached out with her hand and run her fingers over my cock teasing me hard and started slowly stroking my cock.

Looking up at my face and smiling then she ran her tongue xnxxv sunny leone video over and around the head of my cock taking my cock into her mouth and gently sucking my cock till i mmmmmm what an awesome feeling that was as i watched some of my cum run down her chin onto her bra.

She wiped it off with her finger and sucked it of her finger , then she said it was her turn to cum she undid her bra and removed it revealing her small pert breasts and beautiful nipples thn she slowly pulled down her panties to reveal her shaven pussy mmmm

So beautiful!

I ran my hands and fingers over her breasts teasing her nipples which became so long and erect i sucked her long nipple into my mouth and gently bit it as my fingers ran over her smooth pussy lips parting them and exploring inside her hot her rubbing her clit.

I had 2 fingers inside her as my thumb rubbing her clit then i moved down and run my tongue over her clit and inner lips tasting her juices my tongue explored up inside her as far as my tongue would reach my finger playing with her ass as i did she was soon cumming on my tongue it was so awesome feeling her cum on my tongue .